Master Piece

She’s a girl with light brown hair and shiny eyes. Who leaves sparkle wherever she goes. Who believe in miracles on this earth full of cruelty. Her devotional prowess around love and life, makes her a demigod. You see her on Facebook laughing on everything, you see her on Instagram spreading love, you see her on twitter defending right, you see her on Snapchat with crazy filters. She loves to hangout and crack silly jokes all the time just to make you happy. She would always be sharing positivity and full of life qoutes on social media. Yet no one has seen her real side. Her real face is dull and sad. She has been through the hells so many times. She has been hurt several times. She has suffered for the mistakes she never did. She had been punished for each person she ever trusted. Her soul is shattered into the small pieces. Yet she’s still trying to be a strong girl. A little girl trying to be tough as rigid mountains. She’s a box of contradictions. Nobody can understand her. She tries to spread all the positivity even when she’s all hurt and fighting with the demons of darkness inside her. She is breaking inside but all you could see is how beautifully she has painted her insecurities. Stop trying to understand her. She’s a badass with a good heart. She’s amazing. She’s simply a master piece!

To My Very Own SELF.

An open letter to myself from my own self.
I want to share a brief story about how, sometimes, there are inexplicable occurrences in our lives that we have to take notice of.
Let’s be real, there comes a time in your life when you are tired of everything, every situation, everyone and most importantly YOU ARE TIRED OF YOUR OWN SELF. The time you feel so ironically worthless and disgustingly cheap that you want to do nothing just to run; from the situation from the people, from the world just to hide your self somewhere.
And then just a moment comes and things change. A MOMENT WHEN YOU CAN’T DIE, YOU START LIVING, To me, I think of this incident and it made me realize how the past can hurt you. Life can sometimes hurt you. It will kick you and beat you. And as you struggle back to your feet it hits you with a low blow. Life is relentless and it lets you know that. Time and time again this happens. Nothing ever goes right, people around us are hospitalized and are dying, and we tell ourselves that we would rather be dead.
We ask why it couldn’t be us. Death. Why should it be you instead? Why would you want to take your life because “it should be me instead?” I sometimes ask myself these questions too. I sometimes think that those around me would be better off without me.
However, when you are looking death in the face and the gruesome thought of succumbing to some eternal darkness creeps into your brain, you begin to think. You think of your family and friends. You imagine every detail of their face, their voice, their personality. It all comes flooding in.

What Have You Done?

You wake up in at 11 in the morning and start yelling at your maid who has left the door open of your room while cleaning it and it disturbs you because you slept late at the night doing absolutely nothing and now you are panicking over her for ruining your sleep who has came to clean up your house because that’s her duty. She gets paid for that to feed her 8 children.
Is that pay enough for all the 8 children and the couple?
Probably no?
But that does not make any difference because that’s nothing so big. We are sorrounded by such people in our lives.
The house keep, the Maid, the Gardner, the sweeper, the begger (well some of them are professionals) but what have they done to deserve a life like that and what we have done to deserve a life this?
We don’t get the love of our life and we panic over everything good we have and forget about the each blessing and what have they done because they can’t even get the food each day, what have they done to strive for hunger each time. We don’t like the shape of our bed because that does not match the trend and what have they done to sleep on the foothoaths in this freezing weather? We need to understand;
We are not special children of God. We all are same but tested differently. Sometimes HE the Almighty tests us with showering his blessings, that how much we are thankful for the food we eat, for the comfy bed, for the branded clothes, for the secure shelter, for the loving family. And sometimes HE the almighty tests us by our patience. By taking something from us and sometimes by taking everything from us. We just need to understand that HE the almighty loves us the most and HE will definitely bless us with the best InshaAllah. We just have to Be patient, have faith and be thankful for whatever we have.



Okay nothing personal but let’s just talk about the thing that hurts the most and that’s the feeling when a relationship is over. That’s the feeling of rejection. Feelings of rejection can numb your sense of self and wreck your balance. For many jilted lovers, the first impulse is to try to fix what’s broken or recover what was lost. But often, the beloved has moved on and reconciliation is not possible. And still you persist. How can you ever move on? How can you believe an affirmation of worth when you are convinced of your unworthiness? And why would you use strategies for moving on when you’re still trying to find a solution that will win back your beloved? These are excellent points. So let’s examine “coping with a break-up” from this very different perspective.
If you are still distressed by feelings of failure, idealizing the one who rejected you, and intent on recovering the lost relationship, you’ve essentially granted this relationship the power to consume your life and create your misery. You may harbor a sense of being stuck, or feeling suspended from truly living. In fact, it’s quite difficult to win anyone’s affection while you’re feeling like a loser. But you can do some little things to get back to yourself. Like stop running from reality.. you can’t change what has happened so just forget about moving on. Moving on and away from your beloved before you’re ready only increases your distress. Where you are right now is precisely where you belong. In other words, if a life strategy isn’t working after many months, don’t think “must do this harder, longer, faster, stronger”. Instead, think, “must find a new life strategy.” And if you’re destined to be with your beloved, moving forward simply brings you into a better place to make that happen. When an emotion is triggered, notice how your physiology ramps up at first. Attend to your bodily sensations as you ride the wave, so you can disregard any painful thoughts. Stay on task by scanning your entire body and describing your physical sensations to yourself. You’ll reach the crest, and as your physiology calms down, you’ll slide down into calmer waters. (I.A)
Peace out! ✌

Be YOU..

Our society has become so obsessed with fitting into popular culture, fitting into what is trendy, what is considered beautiful. We obsess about the way we should look, what others think of us; we are so obsessed with feeding other people’s desires to acclaim that feeling of satisfcation, that we forget to take care of our own needs. Yes, our own needs. Your needs. Take care of them first before you take care of someone else’s, someone who may never even treat you the same way. The truth is, there will always be someone prettier, someone smarter, someone younger, someone older, someone more privileged, someone luckier. But they’ll never in a million years, be you..
I hear all this talk from people wishing they were more like someone they knew, or merely just follow on social media. I want you to take all that negative energy away from wishing to be more like them and focus on being the best version of yourself. It’s completely normal and healthy for us to be inspired by people, but to try to be like them? No, that’s just not right. Not only does that drain your energy and effort, it gives you a falsified image of yourself, and at the end of the day, it will only disappoint you, because you’ll never be exactly like them. So be who you are meant to be. 💕

Fauji Wife

Okay so today let me talk about something important. I don’t know if it’s important for you all or not but for me it really is. I smile everytime I see any post related to army stuff, girls gossiping about fauji’s and telling their friends they want one and all. Haha that’s pretty cute. Because you are imaging fauji life as a wedding photo shoot with a man in mess kit holding your hand, kissing your forehead, you being shy and so on. That’s how you take fauji life as? Lol. That’s not what it is. You probably don’t know this.. Fauji’s ain’t goals. They can’t be. They shouldn’t be.
You love a fauji? That’s cool. But that’s nothing impressive. A fauji is meant to be loved. Loving him is the most easiest thing one can ever do. You know what’s hard? The distance is hard, wait is hard, courage is hard, sacrifice is hard.
And distance is not a cakewalk my dear fellas. You’ve got to hold it together when your service member leaves to work in a really dangerous place for months on end or more. There will be nights when you can’t sleep because they’re not sleeping next to you. When you pace around waiting to see if you get the phone call you want. When you’re so internally worried about what they’re doing, you’re crying and you can’t even explain why.  You’ve got to be okay with your Fauji missing all the special stuff like birthdays, holidays, anniversaries or may be the birth of your child.. You’ve got to be okay with parenting alone and feeling lonely sometimes.. You’ve got to be okay with talking about death, dying, and the traumatic effects of war. You’ve got to be okay with everything that matters a lot. Because you are strong, resilient and tougher than even YOU imagine at this very moment.. But.. Despite the distance and the fear and the stupid jealousy, you can’t help but love them. They are your hero, your whole world. The first holiday you get to see them come home. The way their eyes light up when you say something funny and they enjoys it. . The way they still laugh at all your stupid jokes. It doesn’t get easier. But the love stays the same. ♥️

To Who It May Concern

Hey there. You doing OK? Are you taking care of yourself? I hope you are. If not, you need to. Why? Because I care about you, and others do, too. I want you to be happy, healthy, and safe. I want to see you smile and know you’re OK.
Cause you are important. You matters alot. Your existance is important. You are special. I know opening up to people can be terrifying at times, but try to find at least one person you can talk to, OK? It doesn’t matter how many friends you have as long as there’s someone you can open up to and be yourself with, that’s enough, trust me that’s enough!
Try to eat right and get enough sleep, too. As tempting as it is to lie around watching movies or being online all day, try to get out at least once a day. If not, then just walk around the house/room etc, for a while. Just get up and move. Put on some music and dance/sing your heart out. Draw. Write. Paint. Do whatever you have to to cope with your situation in a healthy way.
Also, stop saying you’re worthless. Stop saying you don’t matter. Stop saying other people will be better off without you. Stop pushing other people away. Please. I know you may feel like you’re causing others pain, but it’s more painful to see you hating and berating yourself so much and thinking that you don’t matter to anyone, because that’s not the case. Your life has meaning, more than you know. Don’t cut that short now. Just because life is hard now doesn’t mean it will always be that way. You may have heard this a million times already, but life really does get better. Life will get easier, and I want you to be around to see that it does.
I believe in you. I know you can do this. I know life will get better for you. Just hang in there, OK? You’ll make it. I promise.
Take care! 